Hotels for corporate events

There are so many hotels these days that are geared up to offer an excellent corporate events service. Most will have a suite of rooms that are available for hire and these will range in size from seating around 30 people to a few hundred, so no matter what type of corporate event you want to host you will be able to find a hotel that can accommodate you.

Business centers

Most hotels will also offer a business center, where you and your delegates can use WiFi, photocopying and phone services if you need to. They will be able to provide stationery, white boards and audio visual equipment for workshops and seminars.

One main advantage of using a hotel for a corporate event is that they will also be able to offer catering. Lunches, snacks and other refreshments can be provided easily and at a time to suit your event. The hotel’s event planners will discuss in advance with you exactly what you need and make all the arrangements for you. The planners will be key to making sure all your delegates’ requirements are met, including access and dietary needs.

What to look for in a corporate events venue

The first thing that you need to consider when trying to find the perfect corporate events venue is the type of event that you are hosting. As an example, if you are hosting a training day for staff, you might want a main training room and a few smaller rooms where attendees can work in smaller groups. If it is a product launch, you might just want a large room with plenty of space for tables where goods can be displayed.

Event planning staff

Take the time to speak to the event planners at different venues to find out what facilities they can have and if they are able to add on any extra services that might help your event go smoothly. They may be able to offer conference facilities, catering or even overnight accommodation. The planners are also the people to talk to when you want to negotiate the cost of the event.

Take the time to visit a few venues in person. The atmosphere of each place will be important. You want your attendees to feel comfortable and relaxed there, but if the decor is harsh, they only have plastic chairs and the air conditioning is set to Arctic temperatures, they will be desperate for the event to end. It also gives you the opportunity to compare prices and negotiate with your favored venue using what you learn at the others. If one offers free soft drinks for delegates, there’s no harm in asking if the others will as well.