Event venues on a budget

Not everyone has the funds to hire a castle or a stately home for their event. Some people need to work within a small budget and opt for a venue that is much more low-key. However, this does not mean that you have to settle for second best. You can hire a venue and dress it yourself to still make the event a special one.

Go local

Think about community centres and other venues that are local to you. Church halls are often available for hire and can be hired for a relatively small fee. The downside of this type of venue is that catering is not included. You would need to arrange your own catering so you’ll need to speak to a few caterers for quotes, particularly if you want hot food on the day. Some of these venues do have a kitchen that the caterers can use, but some won’t and other arrangements will need to be made. Why not talk to a local catering college and see if any students could take on the work for a lower rate than most professional caterers?

You will also need to decorate the venue. For weddings you will need to think about everything from table linen to crockery. It is relatively easy to decorate for an event. Ribbons, balloons, tea light candles, flowers and fairy lights will all help to give the room a facelift. Generally, these rooms are basic, but if you consider it to be a blank canvas, you can use a little imagination and you’ll get exactly what you are looking for.

Hire, not buy

If you do need to provide things like crockery, glasses and table linen, look into hiring them rather than buying. The last thing you need is to have dozens of these items after the event that you don’t know what to do with, so hiring will solve a lot of problems. The firm you hire from will drop them off and then collect them afterwards, so you’ll have very little to do yourself.

You can also hire some of the decorative features such as vases for flowers and candle holders. The cost of this will be relatively low and will make a lot more sense if you are limited on cost for the day.