Finding an unusual wedding venue

Some people dream of getting married somewhere a little different. Stately homes and churches are ideal for those who want something traditional, but there are plenty of unusual venues out there.

Go rustic

You can have an unusual wedding venue without breaking the bank and still retaining a down to earth ambiance. Why not look for a barn? There are some farms that have converted their barns into event venues and some are licenced to conduct weddings.

Check in advance how many people you will be able to accommodate in each venue that you consider. If you choose a barn it is possible that you will be able to invite 150 people or more, but if you opt for a castle, then the actual ceremony space may be much smaller and you could be limited with your guest list.

You might also want to consider how much of the day can be handled by the venue owners and how much you will have to arrange yourself. Can they cater or will you need to book this separately? This could have an impact on cost so you need to be prepared.